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The first method is our Auto Update feature which requires you to register your purchase via Token Registration.The second is to upload the theme manually, either via FTP or Word Press.

It can be used to perform a new install or update an existing installation (regardless of previous version).Patch Sets contain only the files that have changed between the immediate, previous version and the latest version, (ie.This is the traditional method and requires you to download the theme files from Theme Forest first.Before you update, it’s best practice to always check our Important Update Information article which is updated for each new version, and to make a full backup of your theme folder, files and entire database, just in case.If a screen pops up asking you whether you'd like to download the latest version, accept.

Click on i Tunes in the toolbar and choose "Check for Updates." Click "Update" and wait for your download to finish.

By including only the changed files, patch sets have less files to upload which makes the upgrade process quicker and simpler for you to perform.

More information on our release types and distribution types can be found on our Releases page.

To complete the upgrade you will need to download the latest Full Release version and upgrade using the regular upgrade process as described above.

We offer a professional upgrade service where our staff will upgrade your WHMCS installation for you.

A full release version is denoted by the presence of _full within the zip folder filename and "Distro Type: Full Version" within the included file.